Lick Katja's spit from her high heels
Mistress Katja's high heels are dirty and so she starts spitting on them and forces her slave to lick the spit/dirt cocktail from the soles of her shoes. She also spits right into his face and makes him lick her bare feet.
BBW Cathy wants you to lick her spit
BBW Mistress Cathy spits on the floor right in front of your eyes. She rubs her dirty black boots in her spit and instructs YOU to lick her divine saliva from the floor as well as from her boots maybe she'll spit on you too!
Spat on by the evil twins
Anna & Kathy love to dominate guys together. This time they bound their victim on a couch and spit all over this loser's face and even into his mouth. They take turns spitting on their victim so there's nearly non-stop spitting action.
Gina Blonde spits into his mouth
Pornstar Gina Blonde has scissored this guy between her legs on the bed and starts to spit into his mouth. She forces him to open his mouth wide using her hands to make sure he can get all of her divine spit.
Heidi drowns a shrunken guy in spit
Heidi spits into a sparkling wine glass but not for someone to drink it. She shrunk a guy to finger-size and throws him into the glass with his head down. His whole head and chest is now in her spit! Drown, bitch!
Jeanette prepares a drink for you
Jeanette heard of your spit fetish and now prepares a very special drink for you in the office. She spits into a glass and then instructs YOU drink it afterwards. If you're a good behaving slave from now on she'll maybe do it again.
Money Mistress spits on your face
Money Mistress Andrea is standing right in front of you when she starts to spit all over your face. You can see her spit running down her beautiful lips while she laughs about you, telling you that you're a loser and you'll never get anything better than spit from a girl like her.
Kitty's spit humiliation
Kitty enjoys a cigarette on a roof terrace when her slave arrives late of course. She starts to spit into his face and uses his mouth as her human ashtray before she spits on the floor and grinds her high heels in her spit. Now he has to lick her spit and dirt from the floor!
Wanna lick Lady Anja's spit?
Lady Anja enters the room wearing tight blue jeans and cute black/white high heels. She starts to spit on the wooden floor and tells you to lick it all up maybe she'll then allow you to lick her shoes, too?
Lady Mistery's special slave drink
Lady Mistery prepares a special slave drink for one of her pathetic money slaves. She spits into a wine glass, filling it up with her divine saliva want to get a slave drink from Lady Mistery, too?